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Leaf Pattern Design

 Traditional   Chinese   Veterinary   Medicine 

Leaf Pattern Design

  I have just three things to teach:  




  These three are your greatest treasures.  

  -Lao Tzu  


 Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine is a complete body of thought and practice grounded in Chinese Daoist philosophy and can be traced back over two millennia in recorded history.

Based on the complete and interactive worldview that the body is a microcosm of the larger, surrounding universe, Daoists believe that the cosmic laws and forces that govern the external world also impact the body’s internal environment. "Qi", or the life energy, is fundamental throughout the universe, and works in the body as well, influencing health, energy, and transformations.

Yin-Yang theory  describes how opposing forces of the universe, such as light - dark and hot - cold, are present in all bodies, and work to  create and transform each other. This balance plays a key role in the characterization of  function and disease in our pets.


Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine views disease as disharmony and imbalance in these opposing forces, and takes into account the patient's natural compliment of characteristics when deciding on treatment protocols. All aspects of an animal are considered when planning and applying acupuncture, tui-na, laser, or other treatments. 

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