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  What to Expect at 
your  Acupuncture Appointment  

  Life and death are born together. Difficult and easy. Long and short.  High and low. All of these exist together. 

-Lao Tzu   

Most pets enjoy acupuncture. We will perform a complete examination and ask you many questions. We will go over your concerns , your pet's habits, environment, routine, and medical history. There are no wrong answers, but no one knows your pet like you do - we count on that knowledge and love to guide our treatment. 

After an exam, we will plan a treatment. Acupuncture can involve the insertion of needles, injections, moxibustion, massage (tui-na and acupressure), and electroacupuncture. 

-Dry needle technique: insertion of small, sterile needles into acupoints

-Aquapuncture technique: injection of a small amount of saline or Vitamin B to stimulate acupoints

-Moxibusion technique: heating over a needle or acupoint to heat the body's energy. Moxa is similar to incense with a mild odor and heat.

-Electroacupuncture technique: stimulation of needles at specified frequency and amplitude using a small electostimulation unit

-Tui-na/acupressure technique: stimulation of acupoints using finger pressure or body manipulation of affected areas. Similar to massage

 The needles we use are small, and most pets don’t even feel them. They do not have to hold still for the treatment, and many enjoy a treat or being petted while they are receiving treatment. 

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